Privacy Policy

Our Commitment

AAYERS Flooring respects our customer’s privacy. We will ensure that customers receive highest security and privacy of their personal information.

This policy is devoted to protect consumer’s privacy and the content includes policies with the privacy laws in USA.


Important Notice




The Privacy Policy certifies that AAYERS Flooring will handle customer’s personal information by cooperating with the customer, handling information ethically, and following industry’s best practice.

Information that is classified as personal information does not include corporate or commercial entities. This policy does NOT allow limits for AAYERS Flooring to collect, use, or disclose business contact information and publicly available information.



Customers have the right to refuse to hand personal information when we request them. However, be aware that, without those information, we may not be able to provide or attend to some of the customer’s service or desires.



This policy ensures that AAYERS Flooring will not disclose customer’s personal information to the public or to third parties, except when required by law.


Use of Information

AAYERS Flooring collects customer’s personal information to achieve the following:

  • Request for service, products, or information
  • Offer recommendations about products based on previous customer’s choices and experiences in our business.
  • Create and distribute promotions and advertisements to customers
  • Receive feedbacks and improve our website, customer services, marketing endeavors, and our products.
  • Provide security for AAYERS and customers against fraud
  • Confirm customer’s identification
  • Collect debts, if any, that customers owe AAYERS Flooring.
  • Follow legal and regulatory requirements

Retaining Information

After the customer’s personal information is obtained and processed, we will retain this information for as long as either the customer:

  • Remains as AAYERS Flooring customer
  • Continues to use or visit our site
  • Accepts any emails, mails, or any forms of marketing communication from AAYERS Flooring


Policy Updates

AAYERS Flooring will notify the customers when their personal information is used for a purpose not listed in this policy.

Whenever new information is added, we will post the newest version of this policy in this page for customers to be aware of what information is collected, how we use them, and under which circumstances we will use them.


Information Security

AAYERS Flooring protects customers’ personal information within commercially acceptable ways to prevent loss or theft and to prohibit unauthorized access, disclosure, copy, modification, or use.


Access and Changes

Customers are allowed to access their personal information and data we have collected from them. If any information is inaccurate in the data, customers have the right to modify them.

By providing a written request and an approved identification, AAYERS Flooring will notify the customer at any moment for when we use the information, who or which organization we are providing the information, and how we use them.

Be aware that by requesting for your personal information

Aayers may charge a reasonable fee for providing personal information and may require a deposit for all or part of the fee.

Aayers will make personal information available within 30 days or provide written notice where additional time is required to fulfill the request.

Sometimes, AAYERS Flooring may refuse to provide access to certain personal information. In this case, when a whole or part of an access request is rejected, we will inform the customer about the reason for rejection and describe other available options.


Contact Information

If any questions arise, please contact Aayers Flooring by mail, over the phone, or through email.

Visit our “Contact Us” page on our website: OR use the following information to contact AAYERS Flooring:

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