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Since 2000, our Holding Company has produced excellent lumbers and exceptional wood floorings which resulted in the creation of AAYERS Flooring in 2012. With our remarkable 12 years of experiences of producing stylish and exclusive hardwood floors, AAYERS Flooring was successfully established in Kent, WA and gained cooperation from the market.

AAYERS Flooring utilizes high quality materials, innovatory equipment, and strict safety guidelines to guarantee that every single customer buys the finest products.

We emphasize in restyling wood floorings, decorating interior space designs, creating reliable solutions, and offering abundant styling choices.

In addition, we are comprised of motivated and trustworthy team members that use relentless effort and dedication to create our products and serve our customers to the best of their abilities.

Our goal is to provide an innovative and collaborative business of our products to customers while maintaining clients satisfied of our services.



Safety & Sustainability

AAYERS Flooring ensures that all of our products comes from sustainable and safe resources. We are committed to protect and care for our society, the economy, and especially the environment. Our business practice sustainable forest management where our wood materials are derived from well-regulated forests and sellers that attend to the needs of customers while preserving resources for the future.

Additionally, our actions and businesses entirely follow the concepts and regulations of The Lacey Act of 1900. This act prohibits trading and trafficking of illegal wildlife animals, plants, and plant products such as lumber and paper beginning at 2008. An Iowa Republican, John F. Lacey, introduced this act to the Congress and in 1900, President William McKinley signed this act into a law in US. Violation of this act results in heavy consequences: civil and criminal penalties.

AAYERS Flooring conducts sales and trades to The Lacey Act ensuring the safety of our products and the environment.

Along with The Lacey Act, our business is compliant with CARB II (second phase) which is the California Air Resource Board that took hold in 2011. CARB was established in 1967 with the goal to maintain healthy, clean air quality, protecting citizens from exposures of toxic air contamination, and creating sustainable solutions to air pollution. After times of changes to CARB, the second phase was created for stricter standards in the state. This second phase regulates and monitors the amount of formaldehyde that is exposed in composite wood products. We closely follow CARB II to certify that there is no harm or damage being done to the environment.

AAYERS Flooring satisfies these requirements and standards to ensure that our products and materials are safe and reliable to use while protecting the environment and the society.


AAYERS Flooring’s mission is to produce superior and luxurious wood flooring that workers are proud to work with us, and customers are contented to purchase our products. As an accomplishing company, we maintain our convictions throughout our business and convey the value of our product to people.

Our main convictions include:

  • Modernizing our products
  • Building trust
  • Having persistency and discipline
  • Making impacts to the business world

With these values we will maintain our reputation as an elevated hardwood floor business and surpass people’s expectations.

AAYERS Flooring makes careful choices for each and every piece of wood flooring when deciding for specific styles and features. As with any style designers, we begin with diligent selection of wood species that exhibit and reveal the essential characteristics and features of the wood texture. Our business ensures that every wood flooring will portray the artistic and unique forms of the product.

Our flooring production’s meticulous attention to details in our hardwood collections will reflect and replicate the customer’s vision of their ultimate product. This is one of the many ways we show our passion in our products and we will be pleased to create and work with our customers.

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