Lacey Act

Aayers Floors is dedicated to practicing sustainable harvesting, all our hardwood products are in complete compliance with the Lacey Act.
We fully support the 2008 amendment to the Lacey Act, which controls the illegal importation of harvested timber into the United States.
Illegal timber is any wood that has been harvested or transported in violation of a law or regulation of the country in which it was sourced.
Aayers Floors sources woods from the U.S., China, Brazil, European Union and Canada. Government regulations in all of these countries have become much more stringent over the last decade, and we fully support their efforts to protect their forests.
The Lacey Act requires end users of endangered wood to certify the legality of their supply chain all the way to the trees.
If an importer knowingly imports tainted wood that has been illegally cut down for lumber then they will be raided by the Environmental Investigation Agency and dealt with by the U.S. Department of Justice.
This legislation is significant for a number of reasons. First, it protects our world´s forests.
Second, it protects buyers who practice due diligence when importing wood from outside the United States.
Third, it eliminates the influx of low-cost, low-quality wood flooring produced from illegally harvested wood.