Internet Policy

Internet Policy

Flooring products are important investments that can change the overall appearance and quality of houses. Such valuable products must be chosen wisely since flooring is used for a long period of time. We advise consumers to take time to visit our AAYERS Flooring retailer to view our products and purchase. 

AAYERS Flooring believes that customers should be provided and assisted with excellent resources to decide the best hardwood products that suit their preferences. To experience the best customer service throughout your purchase, we recommend customers to visit authorized AAYERS network retailers.
Our AAYERS Flooring network retailers allow opportunities for customers to see and “feel” the products as they carefully make their choices. In addition to having the experience of looking at our products, our network retailers provide professional expert advices to customers and installation services.
Our website and social media are main resources for customers to be informed about our newest products. Our online resources provide reliable and helpful tools that guide customers to choose AAYERS Flooring products with the latest interior designs and technical information for building products.
Internet Sales Policy: AAYERS Flooring products are not sold online. We only sell our products through a specialized network of authorized dealers to maintain high standards for the quality of our products and services.



AAYERS Premium Hardwood Floors proudly presents the finest hardwood products of the highest standards to our customers and satisfying their wishes.
Technical Support: Authorized AAYERS Flooring dealers offer more accurate and thorough information about the products than the Internet images and descriptions. Our dealers are capable of evaluating the needs of the customers with their expertise in wood flooring and distinguishing the products that are most suitable for the house environment with precision. They inform customers about the characteristics of a range of hardwood floors with samples reflecting better colors and lines than Internet images.
Authorized AAYERS Flooring dealers ensure professional installations and services for customers to guarantee long term quality of our hardwood product. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality hardwood products and professional support throughout their purchase.



The main cause of legitimate claim in the flooring industry is installation of the floor. By using professional installations and services from authorized AAYERS Flooring dealers, customers are guaranteed of long-term benefit and satisfaction of using our product.
Homeowners can install the floor and are eligible of full warranty protection. However, their work and conditions are held on the same standards as professional installations and they have to fully follow the installation instructions.
In cases of DIY installation, there will be initial warranty service call provided by the selling dealer.


Shipping issues

When customers purchase our product online, there may be damages to the product during the transportation process. Many times, the shipping company will reject the claim and not hold responsibilities for the damages. So customers are responsible to check that the delivered products does not have damaged parts.


Product quality

Unfortunately, a problem emerged relating to our industry: the introduction of counterfeit products on online markets. Their wood products may have similar appearance to our AAYERS Flooring products, but they don’t have the fine quality wood as our products. Their manufacturing processes lack complexity, lowering the quality of wood, and their products are sold cheaper to attract the customer’s attention.
Buying our hardwood floor from approved dealers will ensure customers to receive authentic AAYERS Flooring products.


After-sales service

Throughout the customer’s experience of buying products with AAYERS Flooring, local dealers are available to assist the customer to care, maintain, and repair their AAYERS Flooring products.



If our products are purchased or shipped from out-of-state, there will be several consequences and difficulties in the future. The root cause of such problems is the installation process because installation issues arise after a long period of time. Customers purchasing our products from different state dealers, usually, use unauthorized local intallers to put the floor. However, AAYERS Flooring only investigates claims that have been examined from authorized dealers. So, to ensure that we provide long-term benefits, we highly recommend that customers purchase our products our authorized dealers.

For these reasons and other situations related to online purchasing and sale, AAYERS Flooring Warranty cannot be utilized if the floor has not been installed by authorized local dealer’s installer.

AAYERS Hardwood Floors will not accept any warranty claims without an inspection of the floor by the owner or an original employee from the authorized retailer. The retailer need to provide evidence of the purchase from the authorized wholesaler indicating that the product is from AAYERS Flooring business.
In cases where the retailer is unable to solve the warranty issue, it is necessary to proceed by scheduling a meeting with the local authorized distributer and the installation professional who installed the floor.

AAYERS Flooring rejects inspection reports from an independent inspector or independent installer in replacement of the original authorized dealer owner or original employee inspector.

AAYERS Flooring does not include Internet Dealers in our Authorized Dealer Network. Our internet policy prohibits the use of trademarks, photos, links, or representation of AAYERS Flooring product affiliated to any action with pricing (posted pricing, alluding to price, product on sale…) or call for fright quote in attempt to sell the product online.

Dealers who violate our internet policy or place AAYERS Flooring products on sale online will face the following consequences:
• Lose access to AAYERS Flooring business and products.
• Be removed from the list of Authorized Dealers Network
Unauthorized use of AAYERS Flooring images and trademarks is subjugated to legal actions.