Cut Technology

Sawn Cut

Most people are familiar with the saw cut as its performed by placing the teeth of the device against the wood and creating friction back and forth to cut.
The saw is very beneficial for chopping large pieces of timber and to acquire an ultra-thick veneer.
Sawn cut provides lowest yield from the log with highest cost, best quality, best visual appeal that is equal to a solid hardwood floor look, and strongest structural integrity for engineered hardwood floors due to a natural sawing processing.

Slice Cut

A benefit of the sliced cut methods is that they dont create any wastage because the knife is stationary instead of sliding back and forth and creating sawdust.
Sliced cut provides better yield from the log with medium cost, better visual appeal, and better structural integrity.


Rotary Cut

Rotary cut veneer is produced by rotating the entire log against a long knife. The knife stays stationary but in a rotary cut the log is spun like a rotisserie pig roast.
The cut follows the growth rings and creates a more prominent grain. Unfortunately the timber needs to be soaked in water before being rotary cut which causes changes on its original color.
Rotary cut provides maximum yield from the log with lowest cost.