Original Brazilian Teak
    • Foot Traffic Level 5-High
    • Gloss Level 3-Satin
    • Board to Board Color Variation Level 2 -Low
    Board-to-Board Color Variation
    Wood is a natural material that features changes in color and tone. The board-to-board color variation is more pronounced in some species, less in others. This variation is part of the beauty of wood flooring.
    If you like the look of contrasting light and dark tones, select a species that offers most color variation.
    If you prefer consistent color from board to board, choose the least color variation.
    Color variation levels are represented according to diagrams below:


    To see the color variation level for a product, go to the left side of the product detail page and look for "Board to Board Color Variation Level".
    Prior to any installation, a range of planks should be approved by the customer. No claims for shade or texture variation will be honored after installation.
    Speak to your Aayers Dealer specialist about what you can expect in your floor regarding the natural beauty of wood.
    Customers should request a sample before making a final decision on their floors. Color in these sample boards may vary from the actual wood due to the translation and reproduction limitations of photo reproduction, website resolution and individual monitors color and resolution settings.
    Actual flooring's color, grain, and character appearance will vary from these sample boards due to the specific conditions of the areas in which installation occurs, as well as the variation inherent in a natural product.

    Installation Instructions