Why Aayers
AAYERS makes the finest selection of materials to produce highest quality products.
From top to bottom, see what makes our floors so good.
Long-lasting Finishes: 
Up to 9 coats German made UV cured formaldehyde free Polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide Crystals.
This is the toughest of industry available.
Rich wear layer:
Up to 4mm top hardwood wear layer. Rigorous selected for a vivid aesthetically pleasing.
Up to 9 ply cross-grain construction core reinforced by bonding resin
Precise milling guaranteeing a seamless transition between edges, which could be Square, Micro, Chiseled, Pillowed or Hand Crafted.
Our 3+ commitment +Quality +Design +Reasonable Price translates into a hardwood flooring that enhance your décor and help increase your home's value!
CARB Phase II Certified World Class products with low formaldehyde emission rates.
•Lacey Act compliant 
•Renewable Energy Sources
•Wood and waste recycling
•Responsible suppliers
The result is Forest Preservation and Sustainable Development.
Large selection of Flexible Radiant Heat and floor installation techniques, so you can enjoy genuine hardwood floors in every room of your home. Wherever you live.
Classic to Contemporary,  Smooth to Handscraped, AAYERS has a variaty of floors always Designed by cutting edge Fashion.
Our dynamic team is dedicated to provide exceptional customer service, innovative quality products and superb style.